Posted on 13/05/2024

What I'm about to write about is potentially the best piece of media that I'll ever find on any obsolete digital storage. I will probably never find anything like this again. The fact that I found it at all is crazy.

I will go ahead and say that this article does reference adult material (if you couldn't guess from the title), but I won't include anything explicit and will just summarize what was found.

In 1995, the company ASCII released another title in their popular RPG Maker series - RPG Maker Super Dante. Using this, users could make their own custom RPG on the Super Famicom, with the data for their created games being saved to the cartridge.

The box art for RPG Maker Super Dante

Skip forward 27 years to 2022. I see an open but boxed copy of RPG Maker Super Dante in a random second hand goods store in Tokyo. I liked the art on the box, and I had recently started a hobby of trying to find old save data and such. Knowing there was a very slim chance of something being saved to the cartridge, even just someone messing about with the engine for a few minutes and saving whatever they had done, I went ahead and picked up the game for, I think, around $10.

I knew that, most likely, the internal battery of the cartridge would have run dry, which would have made any data saved on in inaccessible, even in the battery was replaced. But I didn't mind, because just owning the box and the manual inside would be nice.

Back home, I had a way to play the game on a CRT. I loaded it up, went to see if there was any save data, and couldn't have been more excited when I saw this title screen slowly fade in from black.


Even if this was all that was on the cartridge, I was so happy. I scheduled with my friends to all get together later that night and see if there was more beyond the title screen. There could easily have been nothing more, but we had to see...

We were amazed when there was an opening cutscene.

Opening Cutscene

The game opens to a cutscene where two characters, a woman named Cis and a man named Rail, are playing a game of sumo wrestling. Cis wins, and Rail says that, one day, he will get stronger than her and win. Cis says that if Rail does indeed become stronger, she will marry him...

Suddenly, Cis disappears in a flash of light!

Three animals appear - a cat, a frog and a chicken - and they talk between themselves, wondering if Rail is the person who they've been sent to find by their magician master.

The animals then whisk Rail away to another world to meet the magician, named Elzar, who talks with a thick Kyoto accent.

He tells Rail that, in this world, there are no gods. The absence of gods have made the monsters all turn wild. He says that the monsters were the ones that kidnapped Cis, and that Rail needs to become the god of this world to save her.

To be the hero and save Cis, Rail has to gain the divine protection of 8 princesses. The princesses each symbolise Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Flower, Moon, Light and Darkness. Elzar explains that to gain their divine protection of the princesses... You must have sex with them!

Did you already forget that this game was called FORCE OF SEX?

Elzar continues to explain that the princesses are all over the world, and that Rail should go to the Teleporter Room to start his quest to find them. He tells Rail to take his Battle Servants (the three animals) along with him - the Warrior Kerorone (the frog), the Monk Minya (the cat) and the Magician Kokeko (the chicken).

Even if this game was just this one cutscene, I would have been happy. But... There was more!

Elzar's Magic Village and the Teleporter Room

The cutscene ends, and the three Battle Servants follow behind you as you walk around. They each have their own entries in the party, with their own attacks and spells.

You exit into Elzar's magic village, which is huge. It's full of shops for items and equipment, as well as a place to heal and save your game. It's all fairly standard, but the player currently can't afford to buy anything with 0G to their name.

An exit in the bottom right of the village leads to the Teleporter Room. Here there are 8 teleporters, presumably one for each princess, with only the first being active. Each teleporter has a sign next to it with the names of where they lead.

World 1: Earthton
World 2: Darkna
World 3: Marinus
World 4: Windina
World 5: Fladon
World 6: Plantia
World 7: Holina
World 8: Moonlunar

It was at this point, those of us who were playing the game together were really starting to wonder... How much of this game is there? Were all these worlds actually in the game? We had to keep playing to find out.

World 1: Earthton

The player is teleported to Earthton's overworld. Walking around it can trigger battles. The enemies seem to be custom, with one of the first ones we encountered being a mosquito with a name that's a pun on having a part time job (a "baito") and biting ("baito" sounding like "bite" in English).

The overworld is fairly small, so, after some grinding, we entered the only building visible on the overworld - a castle.

At the end of a short dungeon there are two people (top) who turn out to be twin shopkeepers named Bal and Pal. There's also a rabbit like animal you interact with to save the game (left).

After taking the door to the left, we finally find her... The first princess!

Wait... Is she okay?

It's fine, we just win the fight, and the princess tells us we did a great job, and also that she will now teach us sex. Great!

There are then several textboxes that describe a sex scene, which I will not post a translation of. This is accompanied by generic, cheerful battle victory music, that hasn't ended since we won the previous fight. The music, accompanied by the two being in a small cave, with three talking animal wingmen, add a very strange flavor to our first princess encounter.

Wait, I will translate the one part above. "Ahh, so this is sex... Feels good!". Can't argue with that!!!!!

By doing this, you gain the divine protection of Earth, and are sent back to Elzar's village.

More Worlds?

After upgrading our party's equipment in the village, we head straight back to the Teleporter Room and go to Darkna, the second world.

A pattern begins to emerge. Fight through an overworld, get to a building, get through the dungeon there and "save" the princess at the end.

The princess of Darkna is, once again, in a small cave. This time we fight a blue minotaur to save her (or are the monsters we fight actually the princesses?).

Just like before, we're praised, and then sex happens.

I will say that the settings and vibe of each of these scenes is different, so that's creative. But also some of them are very bad, which makes FORCE OF SEX a game I cannot recommend

Perhaps now is a good time to say that I don't endorse the content of FORCE OF SEX, but I do think it's fun to preserve something as rare and intangible as a unique RPG Maker game found on a random SNES cart that could easily have been lost to time. This could potentially be the only copy of FORCE OF SEX on Earth.

Not only is even finding something on a cart like this rare enough, but for the game to be complete too makes this a truly rare treasure.

Oh, I didn't mention yet, did I? The game is indeed fully complete. Playing through it all took us 5 hours.

Anyway, lets skip ahead to having saved all the princess!

The End?

Once we gained the divine protection of all 8 princesses, we head back to Elzar to ask him why we haven't become a god yet. Shouldn't that have happened now?

Elzar tells us there must be one more princess, and he thinks he knows where she is. He tells us to go to the Teleportation Room...

A ninth world called Tina has opened!

...It doesn't seem much different from the other 8 worlds! Our party members all have the best spells and equipment at this point, so we fight our way through to the end of the world's dungeon...

The last princess is... Cis! Or rather, she uses her full name... Cistina!

She tells us she disappeared at the start because she awakened as a princess and returned to her homeworld, Tina. She tells us not to hold back - this is fate! And the fight begins.

After winning the battle, she concedes that we have got stronger than her, following up from the conversation the two were having at the start of the game...

A more "romantic", much longer and much more involved cutscene follows, with the two confessing their love... How lovely! Don't worry about the specifics that I haven't included!!

Afterwards, Rail is teleported back to Elzar's village.

Are We God Now

Going back to Elzar's room triggers another cutscene.

A new character is standing with Elzar, who seems confused and shocked that we're here and know the magician. He introduces himself as Saint Alfried, a follower of the holy lord, God. Wait... So God does exist?

Rail tells him he's gained the divine blessings of all nine princesses and has awakened as the new god. Saint Alfried says that he will defeat us! A battle starts!

But our character is very strong, his stats being much higher now and his full name being displayed in battle - Railroad! Saint Alfried is defeated easily.

Elzar thanks us for saving him from Saint Alfried. Rail asks why Saint Alfried said he was a servant of God when there wasn't supposed to be a god. Elzar tells us this was a lie, and the truth is that God does exist, but he's not a very good god. He treats humans and living creatures badly, and is afraid of the "FORCE OF SEX".

That's the title of the game!!!!!

Elzar continues by saying that sex is the power of life, connected with the Earth itself... It's a strong power. Every once in a while, a woman with great ability and a man that can become the container for that strength is born. Elzar says that's Cis and Rail. Wow!

He tells us that God is afraid of this power between two people occurring... And because God is afraid of the FORCE OF SEX, Elzar started trying to teach everyone how to have sex in hopes that this power could arise and defeat God. Sure, man!

This is what caused God to seal away the FORCE OF SEX, and why Rail had to free it once more by "saving" all of the 9 princesses.

At this point, those of us playing were starting to wonder... Are we going to fight God in this game? Is he the final boss??

It seemed to be going in this direction. Elzar tells us to use the FORCE OF SEX to lead the world into a new future of kindness...

Rail responds by saying "...Okay! I'll do it!".

The three animal companions each take a turn to encourage us.

"Try your best!"

"Please come back safely!"

"We'll be waiting for you!"

Rail teleports away to find and defeat God.

Defeating God

Finding ourselves in a new dungeon, we fight through a boss rush of enemies to reach the end. It feels similar to getting through the previous nine dungeons to save the princesses (we started to think, are we going to kill God or... "save" him, like the princesses?).

It's a fairly short dungeon, so we quickly find ourselves facing God.

"I'm God... You finally made it here." says God.

Rail replies with, "Living creatures are not God's slaves! We won't let you do whatever you want!".

"Die... And feel punishment for your sins!" is God's response, before starting a battle with you.

So...! This is what God looks like, huh? In battle, his full name is displayed as The God of Holy Justice.

This is nothing that the FORCE OF SEX can't overcome!

God is defeated!

"That God can die... There's no way something like that could happen...!" says God, before a flash of light sees him disappear...

It was at this point in our playthrough that the game just stayed on a black screen. Could that really be it? Was that the whole game...? We'd come so far...

We felt like there had to be more. We decided to look at the code of the game to see if there was anything we could do...

Looking at the scripts, we could indeed see there was a "congratulations" ending event that just hadn't been properly connected to the rest of the game after defeating God! Once this was fixed...

...We were able to see the ending cutscene!

The True Ending

"Congratulations! Rail, thank you so much!"

Elzar, our three animal friends and all of the princesses, including Cis, all congratulate Rail for defeating God and ushering in a new era of peace and love.

"Rail, I know that you will guide everyone well as the new god!"

"Ohh, everything's going to be overflowing with love!"

Rail tells Cis that he promises to make her his wife. While she can't be a god (I guess because the requirement for that is having sex with all 9 princesses, and also killing the previous god), he'll make sure she can live immortally by his side forever. To which Cis just responds, "I'm glad! Thanks, Rail ❤️".

The frog Kerorone chimes in to say, "In any case, it looks like this story has ended happily ever after! Croak."

The cat Minya adds, "Rail! Cis! I hope you'll be happy together forever!"

The rooster Kokeko then says "I guess we'll end it here! All's well that ends well! After all, a happy ending is the best!"

Everyone then says, all together:


Credits roll...

Well... That was FORCE OF SEX. A game that somehow potentially survived all the way from 1995. I was someone who happened to have the hardware to play it, the friends to help translate it, a way to back it up digitally, and now even the time to write about it here. And so, FORCE OF SEX lives on.

...But how many similar pieces of digital media have been lost to time, forever? Maybe only ever to be seen by the people who made it? Those of us that played this game felt a strange loss for the unknown, lost projects that we would never see...

It could also be argued that this game wasn't meant to be seen by anyone else. It could have just been made for the person who made it, and then eventually taken to a second hand store many years later.

I've thought about this and whether I should even share the game quite a lot. I think I'm not entirely in the moral right to be sharing it, but it impacted me and my friends in a way I didn't think a game called FORCE OF SEX would, so I wanted to share those feelings in some way.

I haven't uploaded the ROM dump of this game to because I didn't really want it to be easily searchable. Instead, I've uploaded a copy you can download here, on google drive. Again, be advised that the specifics of some of the sexual content isn't something I endorse, make sure you're an adult and play it at your own discretion.

FORCE OF SEX ended up being so much more than I ever thought it would be. Thanks for taking the time to read about it. I can't say it's a good game, but with the context of it being what it is, I still think it's something special.

I hope I find more things like it in the future!